The Kissingtrees – Chapter 1

The Kissingtrees Chapter 1 – The present day in the Gwindul world – First 1000 words The car pulled up on the street outside a rather large white Georgian house. One of several in the pristine coastal village of Ramsnip, on the borders of Devon and Cornwall, England. Surrounded by ice-cream parlours, bars, restaurants, surf … Continue reading The Kissingtrees – Chapter 1

The First Kissingtrees Blog!

Ssshhhhh! So here we are, many ideas. 45 Characters for the first book. 27 Characters for the second book so far. 8 satellite books, graphic design under way which is a fantastic means of developing characters, animals, creatures and the amazing world they inhabit. Please join me on this journey. If you do I sincerely … Continue reading The First Kissingtrees Blog!