The First Kissingtrees Blog!


So here we are, many ideas. 45 Characters for the first book. 27 Characters for the second book so far. 8 satellite books, graphic design under way which is a fantastic means of developing characters, animals, creatures and the amazing world they inhabit.

Please join me on this journey. If you do I sincerely intend to repay your support and patience with a unique and inspiring series of books that will engage and inspire your imagination. If you are willing to be swept away. I hope that you may find yourself surprised and delighted by what you read. Are your emotions ready?

Book one has nearly been completed but it will need technical attention. Grammar, punctuation, structure and flow will need to be of the highest quality. This will be the hardest part of course. Book two is nearly half way there. I can already see how the two will combine. Book three is trying to divert my attention still further. It will have to wait. Most of the satellite books are completed. More to follow!

Plenty of protagonists are waiting to step forward and heroically save the day. The antagonists lurk, why should they hurry…

My ideas are unstoppable, I am drowning in them as they just continue to flow. I must discipline my self and rationalise everything. I am using graphic design to map out characters, storylines. Shared characters that may be in more than one book.

Already have the billboard advertising sorted for book one! Will be releasing some satellite books in the near future. Afraid I cannot tell you any content whatsoever apart from this. The first satelite title to be released will be.

Elzinder, the girl they sent away

This is where it all began, not just the story you understand but everything. Where it all began.

The Kissingtrees are the main series of books and tell the story of our characters journey through an alternative world. They are set in the present day. I intend for each of the main books to be medium to large.

The satellite books are there to help the reader make sense of the world the Kissingtrees are in. The satelite themselves are another series of much shorter stories. Thus enabling the reader to quickly and easily come to terms with what otherwise might be a complex.

I desperately wish I could tell you more. I have over 200,000 words written so far, many characters as mentioned above have been developed. Also the graphic design and pencil drawings are waiting to be released. You do understand however that it will all need to be ready.

For now it will be an intriguing development that will be drip fed over the coming months.

Thank you for following. I will update you in due course about the first title release.

RJ Boyle

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